Saturday, April 30, 2016

6 Photos of a Golden Buddha in a Cave

smiling, Buddha, statue, cave Pentax K1

Images Made with the New Pentax K1




The highways are insane with Golden Week travelers these days so, I avoided them.

It was a good day, to go down underground and visit Buddha, I figured.

Using nothing but, available light, I pushed the ISO's on the camera, to see what it would do.

The Pentax was handheld, using my knees or a concrete post to steady the shots.

This first photo was taken at ISO 3200 and, didn't come out too shabby.

Buddha, gold, statue, cave, close-up

 Here's another image taken at ISO 3200, giving you a closer look.

Someday, I'll have to ask the monk at Kin Temple if, it would be alright, to dust Buddha off.

It would be best, to get permission.  Don't wanna lose my passport into heaven, you know.

smiling golden Buddha, statue, sitting, cave

Next, I took a shot at ISO 1600, to see if there would be much difference.

Moving around, to a different position in the cave, gave me a new angle, to shoot from.

You can see from the tone of the gold, it was a little darker, where I was standing.

close-up, statue, Buddha, sitting, cavern

 The ISO's were pushed all the way up to 12800 when I made this shot.

Families, coming down into the cave, were real polite and, excused themselves, passing me.

Maybe, they thought I was some kind of cave-dweller.  Who knows ?

cave, Buddha, ISO 51200

The next thing I did, was push the ISO all the way up to 51200 and said, "Meah."

We'll save this image, in case someone wants to buy grainy photos.

People bought the Mona Lisa, didn't they ?

ISO 65535, grainy image, Buddha, cavern

If you're excited about grainy photos, here ya go.  How about ISO 65535 ?

Next time, I bring the camera to that cave, I think I'll try a tripod.

Imagine what that camera could do, at ISO 100 !

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