Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Flower Photos: Pontederia -- You Can Eat Some Parts

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Growing Alongside Iris in a Flooded Field


When I first saw it, I called it a purple corn-dog because, that's what it looked like, to me.

I was spending a few bucks on iris flowers so, I asked what the name of this flower might be.

The gal, looked at the LCD screen on my camera and said, "Pontederia."

Then, I asked her if, she could write it down on paper, for me.  She was glad to help me.

She knows every time, I come there, I buy some flowers, to take home for my bride.

Before, writing it down, she checked with two other elderly women working there.

They, all agreed Pontederia (ポンテデリヤ) was the plant's name.

Pontederia, plant, flower,ポンテデリヤ

 With all the iris photos, I had to process, this purple corn dog, had to wait.

Heck, I even went back to the iris fields, the next day and, took more photos.

Yesterday, I decided it was time, to turn in a month overdue book to the library.

Armed with an overdue flower book and, a smartphone snap of this flower, off I went.

The gals at the Kin Library, all know me; I'm always turning in books late.

They have a drop-box, you can deposit books in if, you don't want to o inside.

But, I like to apologize for being late and, talk to the librarians.

This time, I gave the book back and, went off, on my own, to research the purple flower.

After about 20 minutes, not being able to locate a book with Pontederia, I asked for help.

A librarian at the front desk, researched it on her computer.

BINGO !  She found it and the Latin name: Pontederia cordata.

Thanking her, I left the library, knowing, I could find this flower online.

The common names for the plant are Pickerelweed and Pickerel rush.

Is Anybody Out There Hungry ?

The seeds of the plant can be eaten, just like some sort of wheat germ.

The young leaves can also, be used as greens in cooking your meals.  I just take pictures.



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