Thursday, August 3, 2017

Seeing Hacksaw Ridge

Not the Movie - The Terrain

War movies aren't something you'll catch me watching very often. War kinda sucks.

We've heard about the film "Hacksaw Ridge" and, seen a few promotional clips.

Doc Graff and I, decided to take a hike, with cameras and, check the place out.

Japanese film poster advertising Hacksaw Ridge

It was a blazing hot August day and, we were sweating like a few hogs in a roaster.

There's a little museum-looking building we came across and, saw this poster.

The building is called Urasoe Youdore and, it's well worth paying 100 yen to visit.

The staff are friendly and gave us permission to take photos. Little English is spoken.

But, we get by with our pidgin Japanese and Okinawan Hogen.

Desmond Doss photo from 1995 visit to Okinawa

There are all sorts of treasures in this climate controlled building.

They have archaeological, historical and war-related artifacts on display and, I found this photo.

It shows Medal of Honor recipient, Desmond Doss, visiting Okinawa in 1995. 

Explanation of Hacksaw Ridge and Desmond Doss in English and Japanese

For those who never heard of Desmond Doss or Hacksaw Ridge, I shot this photo.

The stone marker, dedicated to him, has been moved over the years.

We had trekked the lower levels of the hill but, wanted to walk Hacksaw Ridge entirely.

That's because there's a spot named Desmond Doss Point, up there somewhere.

All along the walkways, going up and down those hills, there are caves.

The vegetation is too thick, to see many of them and, it's fairly rough terrain.

Not far from the Urasoe Castle walls, we located Desmond Doss Point and, this photo was taken.

The Original Stone Marker

The day wouldn't be complete, without locating the stone dedicated to Pfc. Doss.

A gentleman, working at the museum, gave us directions to the Adventist Church.

It's located far from Hacksaw Ridge, in Kitanakagusuku.

The International Seventh-day Adventist Church, maintains the marker.

Stone marker dedicated to Pfc. Desmond Doss

The church was located and, a middle aged woman came out to show us the location of the stone.

We thanked her and, asked if photography would be allowed. She gave the OK.

Reverse side of Desmond Doss marker inscribed in Japanese

The back side of the stone is etched in Japanese. I can read Desmond T Doss.

When we were done, the lady at the church, invited us to go inside the buildings.

We're sweating like a couple of goats in heat by now and, I ain't crazy about churches.

So, we thanked her and, said it was time for us to get back on the highway.

Church people are alright and, I try to be respectful around them but, don't get too close.

They're religious and I'm sacrilegious so, don't want none of my stuff getting rubbed into them.

 If, you decide to visit Hacksaw Ridge, there's parking at the bottom of the trail. 

For a shorter hike, I recommend parking at Urasoe Youdore ; don't forget to visit the toilets.

There are no Men's or Women's facilities once you leave that parking lot !

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