Friday, August 18, 2017

Potty Training Tourists

Illustration showing how to use the toilet in Japan

How to Use the Toilet

Travel and tourism is a huge industry in this part of the world and, that's a good thing.

People from different countries, don't always have the same bathroom etiquette.

So, signs like this are posted in airports, hotels and convenience stores.

It's kind of nice, the way they make these instructional signs, in Japan.

Just in case, you aren't fluent at reading, they make simple symbols for you to look at.

1. Please sit on the toilet seat, with your face pointing away from the lid.

A. Don't sit facing the lid.

B. Don't squat on top of the toilet seat, facing the lid.

C. Don't squat on the seat, facing away from the lid.

2. Flush used toilet paper in the toilet bowl.

A.  Don't throw used toilet paper in the trash can.

B.  Don't throw used toilet paper on the floor, either. ( I made that one up).

For Those Kids Who Can't Read

1.  Pull your  pants up, zipper or button them and, make sure nothing's hanging out.

2.  Then, go wash your hands with soap and water.

Those are some things, I wish they had symbols for, on these informative signs.

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