Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Stumbled Into チキンパラダイス or Chicken Paradise

Restaurant called Chicken Paradise, wooden sign, Kin Town, Okinawa

Unusually Fantastic

The wooden door creaks when you open it, to enter and, slams shut behind you.

It's a dimly lit, tiny little place, that smells like fried chicken.

No cameras were with me. It was, visit the hospital day and, I was heading back to my office.

In case anyone's wondering, I'm in great shape, just had to pick up some medicines for travel.

Blood pressure's fine and, ticker does 68 BPM (beats per minute) after walking a mile.

But, they like to give old folks, monthly doses of drugs, to help the economy, I guess.

Got my meds and was walking on the shady side of the street, when my stomach growled.

All the menu signs outside are in Japanese but, I could read the simple stuff.

Using the iPhone, I snapped some photos so, I could put it on Google Maps.

Big Guy at Counter

He was the only customer in there, I noticed as I squinted to adjust my eyes to the darkness.

Just one dude, wearing a plaid shirt, was at the left end of the counter.

His face wasn't visible. I just figured he was some big sumo dude, eating his lunch.

No sense bothering anyone so, I went over to the far right end of the L-shaped counter.

An Okinawan gal with a round, smiling face greeted me, from the tiny kitchen.

Ordering a Jumbo Chicken Katsu, I asked if, taking photos would be allowed.

She gave me the OK and, I went around the place snapping pictures.

When she didn't look busy, cooking I asked if, the place was on Google Maps.

She wasn't sure so, I told her, I'd get it done today and, shoot more photos later.

It's best for me, to go back there with a real camera and wide angle lens.

Big dude, continued eating his meal, facing the wall so, I guessed he was hungry.

Maybe, he was watching the TV, they had on turned on, near where he was sitting.

Jumbo Chicken Katsu, huge meal

Before 5 minutes had expired, this meal came across the counter and, the girl smiled.

Forgetting to take a photo, my growling tummy, made me start eating. Rats.

It wouldn't be right, to put a restaurant on the map, without a food image !

OK. A some of the chicken is missing. Gives an idea what the cooked chicken looks like.

There's salad, a  bowl of rice, soup, pickled veges, and tofu with some greens.

Hidden from view (under the chicken) some thick, fried potatoes. All scrumptious.

There was no way, I could consume all that food so, I had to ask the gal something.

"Do you do takeouts here, too?"  She said, "Yes."  And, I said, "Good."

Big Dude Speaks

This sort of surprised me. He said, "Can I get some more sauce?"

He spoke English. Still, I didn't want to bother the guy. The gal brought him some sauce.

Then, I quietly asked her (in Japanese) "Do you speak English, too?"  She, didn't.

Next thing ya know, the big plaid shirt, saunters, the 4 or 5 steps, over towards me.

This could be fun or, not.  I try to stay flexible. Ready to jump, defend myself or, run.

He was a peaceable individual and introduced himself. "I'm Alfredo from El Salvador." 

We became friends, swapped emails and, tried to connect on Facebook.

He's visiting his daughter and, goes home this weekend. We must do some beers.

He ran back to his room, while I was finishing (what I could of) my meal.

And, he came back with his cell-phone, to make sure, we got connected.

The restaurant gal, packed half my lunch in a takeout box for me.

Then, Alfredo and I walked across the street and, I showed him, where my office is at.

He was heading out, to buy an Okinawan Kariushi shirt, down in Naha.

That's crazy. I gave him directions, to someplace a lot closer and, prices would be lower.

He thanked me and, promised before he leaves this island, we're doing some drinking together.

Maps Got Done Quickly

Back at work, I tweaked the images and uploaded them to Google Maps.

A quick review was done. I had to input the address, hours and phone number.

Normally, it takes a few days, to get a new location loaded and approved, but not this time.

Chicken Paradise is on the map and, I showed the restaurant owner.

Looking closer at the image of the menus, posted outdoors, gave me an idea.

All that chicken (above) cost me only 700 yen.

For just 100 yen more, I could have gotten a Psycho Roast Steak. I will, next time !

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