Thursday, August 31, 2017

Don't Let the Sign Fool You - The Food's Great

wooden sign, breakfarst and coffee

They Meant Breakfast

The problem with having handmade signs painted is they don't have spellcheck.

So, when ya spend big bucks and get a misspelling, Don't sweat it.

This one was discovered, when three hungry travelers were looking for a place to eat.

It was kind of a ramshackle, little joint, just off the highway, open early in the morning.

After placing my order, I went outside, for fresh air and a smoke.

They had tables with umbrellas over them and, food can be delivered by the staff.

It wouldn't take long for the meals to show up. That's when I noticed the misspelled sign.

tuna melt sandwich, soup, salad and dressing

My meal, was a tuna melt sandwich with soup and salad. Lots of salad.

It was delicious and, I was too hungry to bother taking photos of other folks meals.

The gals, ordered some sort of french toast, with ice cream and fresh berries. Yuck.

The location was near Uehara Ferry Terminal in northwest Iriomote Island.

In a few months, I'll be heading back that way and, plan on eating here again.

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