Friday, September 1, 2017

Wildcat Facts and Photos - Iriomote Yamaneko

Image of an Iriomote Wildcat, Yamaneko

Critically Endangered Species

Scientific Name: Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis

Japanese Name: イリオモテヤマネコ - Iriomote Yamaneko

English Name: Iriomote Mountain Cat

Stuffed Yamaneko on display in Wildlife Center

Thousands of years ago this little critter evolved from the Leopard Family.

It can climb trees and swim wherever or whenever, it wants to.

It eats bugs, frogs, snakes, rats, birds, wild boar and fresh or saltwater fish.

Bronze statue of Yamaneko with river, sky and mountain background

A critically endangered species, there are probably only 100 remaining in the wild.

The animal is a national monument and protected in Japan, to conserve the breed.

Japanese warning on pavement, Cat Crossing

The wildcat lives at less than 200 meters elevation in the mountains and wetlands.

When, It wants some seafood, it has to cross the only highway on the island.

When, you see this Japanese in the road, slow down. It says "Cat Crossing."

Yellow caution sign on highway, cat crossing country

There are no know, natural predators to destroy or eat these rare and endangered felines.

The biggest contributor, to their demise, is human beings.

For folks who can't read, they posted these warning signs, to let you know, "Cat Country."

NOTE: Before everybody starts asking, I didn't shoot the Yamaneko in the wild.

The two wildcat photos above were taken indoors.  My favorite, off a TV screen !

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