Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Winner Is Photo #1

Yotsudake dancer performing on stage

Getting Business Cards Printed

A decision had to be made about, which image to display on my meishi (business cards).

Last night, I posted three photos on Facebook and, asked folks to help me decide.

There's a lot of Okinawa experts on Facebook and, I value their opinions.

But, to get more rounded advice, I went the extra mile and, did some bar hopping.

Using an unscientific method, I asked only Ryukyu people, which photo they'd choose.

Mejiro in cherry blossoms, birds, flowers, sakura, Japanese White Eye

When you look at the photos, which one most represents Ryukyu Life ?

Knowing, there are bird lovers, around the globe, I knew they would vote for the Mejiro.

Some, even suggested gold or silver text, would make this image pop.

But, other folks said the Mejiro, doesn't necessarily represent Okinawa.

These little birds live in mainland Japan and, Hawaii, too.

Girl performing sign language with a band, Okinawa

This image of an 8 year old girl performing sign language with a band, is a favorite of mine.

It was selected by men and women, on Facebook and, out in town.

It was especially a favorite, of those who heard the story, behind the image.

It's another photo that would go great with white, gold or, silver print.

First Photo Got the Most Responses

There was no need, to tally the numbers and, scratch them down on paper.

Verbally and, on Facebook, the top picture, represented Ryukyu, to the most people.

If you found 3 women in a bar, 2 out of 3, would select that image.

So, I had plenty of fun, doing my research last night. Business is business. I work hard.

One guy, came up with something, I hadn't thought of, though.

"Mike, there's no Eisa picture in there. Eisa is Ryukyu," he said.

But, out of the three, he liked photo #1 the most.

A bit more editing on the Yotsudake dancer above and, she's going to the print shop !

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