Friday, September 15, 2017

Typhoon Left But Aki's Back in Town

Aki performing on stage

Few Weeks Ago

Walking the dog along a beach, I decided to take the flip-flops off an get a little wet.

The mutt, didn't want to join me so, I waded along the shoreline, up to my knees.

A the little runt, stayed ashore, tugging on the leash so, it was good exercise, I guess.

As I neared the end of the beach, to turn around, Boss, hollered at me.

"Mike, Can you bring your camera on August 15th?" So, I went and asked, "What's up?"

Boss the lead guitar man

Boss is an alright guy, who picks a mean guitar, when he's playing in a band.

Now, I like Aki and Boss and my cameras.  But, I don't like working for free.

When I was about to tell him, what sort of commission I'd be expecting, he made an offer.

First, I should explain. I won't leave my office, for less than a hundred and fifty bucks.

Shooting a little 2 or 3 hour live band gig sounds like easy work.  It ain't.

It might take another whole day of work, to process the images.

Boss made me an offer I, couldn't resist plus, free drinks all night long.

Along Came Typhoon Talim

The past 24 hours, it was raining and wind blew because of Typhoon Talim.

We, didn't get hit bad but, the southernmost islands got a good whipping.

And, the storm's headed towards mainland Japan right now.

Knowing Aki, plays in a band up in Tokyo, I thought, she may be stranded up there.

Through a Facebook message, I contacted her and, here's her reply:

"Mikesan !!  Live Start 9:45 PM"

That tells me, Aki's back in town and, I'd better hurry, get the camera ready and, drink beers !

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