Monday, September 18, 2017

Clouds and Cardio -- Think It Was an Easy Day ?

Blue skies with white clouds

Beautiful Skies Over the Island

Typhoon Talim, is way north of Okinawa probably, in Hokkaido by now.

This island got some wind and rain but, was spared the full strength of the storm.

Sore from lifting weights on the rainy days, I decided to just do cardio stuff today.

Getting Rid of Fat Ain't Easy

Over the past several months, plenty of inches disappeared, off of my belly.

People noticed and, have been asking me, how I got it done.

Changing my diet was half of the solution and exercises, did the rest.

Some folks want to learn the techniques, I've been using. I'll show some of my favorites, here.

Popsugar doing abs exercises with medicine ball

Popsugar Says "Skip the Crunches"

She'll show you 7 abs exercises, you can do standing at Popsugar Fitness.

A medicine ball or dumbbells, aren't really necessary, just get creative, use anything.

Cement blocks, 2 liter PET bottles and, gallon jugs full of water, are in my mini-gymnasium.

Do everything, she does, with whatever weight suits you and, feel the burn.

In the photo above, she's writing the alphabet, using a medicine ball.

It's been so long, since I've handwritten a letter, I forgot how to write cursive !

Maybe, I should get a wall chart. Dot the "i's" and cross the "t's" and "j." 

Someday, I'll have to look that up. Do "j's" get a dot over them? I do it, anyway.

Anyhow, I get a good burn, from this workout. It melts fat and, builds abs, too.

Sky and clouds over Okinawa

People Get Too Hooked on Technology

They have gadgets, to measure heart rate and all kinds of fitness whatnot's.

Smart phone heart monitors and junk on Smartwatches, you don't really need.

A big pile of sweat on the floor and, you're breathing hard, while your hair sweats.

That means, it's time to take a little break. Slow down and cool-off for five minutes.

What I do, is go outside and, when the breathing gets easier, climb some stairs.

The clouds, had moved around a little bit. I grabbed a smoke and the camera.

Abs and core exercises, screenshot, Yamon Figurs F16, Facebook video

No Girly Exercises Here

Killer exercises for the abs and core by Yamon Figurs F16 on Facebook.

Hopefully, he won't get pissed because, I screenshot some of his video.

The first time, I tried this, I did everything he does, only slower.

No dumbbells are required.  I use a couple of 2 liter PET bottles, filled with water.

After doing, everything on the chart he provides, with the video, I couldn't stand up !

If, you're out of shape or, way older than him, take it easy. It's killer exercise.

The video is popular, over 7, 647, 929 views, RIGHT HERE.

I bet, a few million of those views, were people just watching, to breakout in a sweat.

Starting out, I recommend, doing only 10 repetitions of each exercise. You'll see.

The Side Oblique, you can do, with anything heavy. A backpack or, gallon jug of cider.

Blue sky and white clouds over Kin Town, Okinawa

Last Peek at the Beautiful Sky

To keep doing these sort of fitness, crazy things, you have to make sure it's fun.

Out side for a breather and a smoke, is fun, to me. I take a camera and climb the stairs, again.

The way the weather looked, I was tempted, to quit and go for a long hike.  But, no.

There was something, I'd bookmarked and, had to try today.

Girl doing the Low Plank, fitness, exercise, abs

Best Exercises to Ditch the Beer Belly

Right off the bat, they'll tell you, "Quit drinking beer!"

Supposing, it's against your religion?  What are you gonna do?  Switch back to whiskey?

Seven of the best fitness trainers, were asked, which exercises they'd recommend.

Some of them, I already do. Others, you wouldn't catch me doing. I'm stubborn.

Anyhow, here's one, that caught my attention and, it seems simple enough.

Get down, in a position like that gal, elbows shoulder width apart and, up on your toes.

Keep the back rigid and as straight as it will go. Look straight forward.

Hold yourself like that and, try to pull your elbows, towards your feet, for 20 seconds.

If, you can't hang-in for twenty seconds, not a problem. Relax and, do one more, later.

Well, I did it once for twenty seconds. Then, did one more. Done for the day.

It's called the Low Plank. Soon, I'll be doing 20-30 of them. I just had enough fun, for today.

More of these weight loss exercises are at Eat This, Not That.

Remember: Exercise Should Be Fun !

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