Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last Conversation with Apple's Siri

It was a Beautiful Day

The sweltering summer heat and humidity, sort of, got blown away.

There hasn't been a better day, in the month of September, to go for a long hike.

A quick check of emails and, I'd be out the door with the cameras.

Beeps and bings, started going off on the computer and charging iPhone.

Some sort of update, needed to be installed, the iTunes told me.

After going through all kind of frustration, even fingerprinting, I was all set.

Push the Start Button and Here Comes Siri

A long time ago, I got rid of that useless witch but, the update brought her  back.

Every time, I turned the phone on, I couldn't get my home screen to show.

Siri, would turn herself on and, ask the same stupid question. What can I help you with ?

First I asked, "How can I get Siri off my iPhone?"

She said, "I can't help you with that."

Apple Should Get Rid of Siri

People who want to impress themselves with, talking to robots, can buy phones elsewhere.

They want to act like some kind of astronauts or something. Join NASA.

Regular earthlings, like me, don't need stupid robots, to talk to. 

Almost a whole day was wasted, trying to get my phone, working again.

Finally, I caved and played Siri's stupid game because, there was nothing left to do.

I explained to her, the update made my usual iPhone home screen disappear. 

The witch goes, "That's an interesting question Michael."

And, she never came back with a solution. Just left me hanging, smoking and cussing.

Finally, I went and Googled "How to turn off Siri."

Got rid of her and,  learned some new stuff along the way.

Triple clicking, rebooting and punching the phone around the office, it began working again.

Since Apple got my fingerprint, I figured I'd better not cuss at Siri.

So, I toned it down a bit and, sent her my last message. I really wish her a fertile future !

End of rant

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