Saturday, September 2, 2017

Where in the World and What's the Name of this Island ?

Japan Airlines (JAL) Departing Ishigaki-jima

Here's just a few minutes of my flight, heading back to Okinawa, Monday, AUG 28th.

For four days, I was pretty much not wired to WiFi, the internet or TV channels.

There were rumors, I heard of missiles flying, storms and tornadoes.

But, with so much fake news going around, I just wait and see what happens.

JAL flight on runway at Ishigaki-jima, Okinawa

4:53 PM

The plane revved up it's engines and, we kicked back in our seats for takeoff.

Beautiful, smiling girl flight attendants made sure we had our seat belts on.

They disappeared so, I started looking out the window because, there was nothing else to do.

Japan Airlines flight leaving Ishigaki-jima

4:54 PM

There's no telling, how fast these jets are moving, when they climb away from the runway.

Lots of passengers, close their eyes and, go to sleep. Beats me, why they do that.

Maybe they're bored with traveling. I want to get my money's worth so, I watch everything.

I noticed a band-aid on that wing but, didn't want everybody to panic so, I kept quiet.

Before long, the wind ripped it of and, everything looked alright. We didn't crash.

JAL flight in skies over Okinawa

4:55 PM

We're still climbing in the skies but, when I look down there's nothing but air, below.

The pretty girls in their happy uniforms are still buckled up somewhere.

Knowing, they'll be coming along with drinks sometime, I keep looking out the window.

Miss Miyagi, a Sabani gal and, my travel organizer, sits next to me, with her eyes closed.

After watching Karate Kid movies, you learn to, not mess with a Miyagi.

We had been through a hectic four day schedule so, I guess she needed some sleep.

JAL flight form Ishigaki-jima to Naha, Okinawa

4:56 PM

Those guys doing the flying, have to level this plane off, sometime. We're not flying that far.

It's only about an hour flight from Ishigaki to Naha, Okinawa.

If, they don't let the gals serve us drinks soon, we'll be on a runway again.

By now, I was thinking. "I wonder if carry-on beer would be authorized."

Before my next trip by airplane, I think I'll check.

jet wing, skies, clouds

4:57 PM

The skies were beautiful. I don't get up there very often so, I'm not sure if, it's always that way.

There were probably 2,000 images on my SD cards from the past few days events.

It would take awhile to download the cameras, when I got back to the office.

Once, all the scenery out the window, began to look the same, I quit taking photos.

clouds over unidentified island in Okinawa, jet flight

5:06 PM

Suddenly, through the clouds, I saw an island below us and, had to poke Miss Miyagi.

Tiled roof buildings, fields and beaches are visible, down there.

When, I asked Miyagi, what island we were flying over, she looked.

She, didn't know. I have no idea, either. Somebody must know.

They probably, wouldn't let me knock on the pilot's door, to ask them.

What if, it's some long lost civilization, waiting to be rediscovered, again ?

A place that hasn't invented politicians, taxes or clothing, yet.

Don't ya think we should check it out ?

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