Sunday, September 10, 2017

3 GIF's from Sports Day at a Middle School

Fun in the Sun

It's that time of year, again. Undokia or, Sports Day in Japan.

Today's event was at Kin Chugakko, the junior high school, where some grandchildren go.

So, I was out there, with a camera, shooting everybody, just to be safe.

When all the kids, wear the same uniforms and, have black hair, it can be confusing.

Junior high children at a sports day event

As many times as I've gone to these sports days, I've never seen anything like this.

For a second, it looked like they were scooting across the dirt field on a surfboard.

But, upon closer inspection, I realized, they had their feet tied to two plastic pipes.

So, I guess it was some sort of pipe walking race. Coordination helps.

Passing the baton in a relay race

One daughter, gave me a perfect description of a grandson's sportswear.

She told me the color of his shorts, headband and, the number 4, would be on his green t-shirt.
Well, he's some sort of champion runner, faster than a greyhound.

I got a few shots of him but, not enough to make a GIF. So, I shot these kids.

There are still a few thousand photos I haven't looked at, yet.

As they get processed, I'll post some in a Facebook album at Ryukyu Life.

Notice the relay team. They have boys and girls, running each relay.

When the numbers, don't come out right, a gal or guy teacher fills out the team.

They didn't do things that way, back when I was in school. Pretty cool, huh ?

Well, I'm glad I ain't a teacher, anyway.

Okinawa Eisa dancers with a Chondara

Eisa is always on of the highlights and, usually, close to the end of an Undokai.

In case, you haven't seen one of those clowns before, he's a chondara.

They play an important role, keeping everyone's spirits up.

The adult ones, even pass out, refreshments, sometimes alcoholic spirits but, not here.

It's too bad, all my grandchildren, couldn't be chondara. It would make life easy.

Somewhere in the crowds of purple Eisa uniforms, I shot today, are my kinfolks.

To be sure, I got my grandchildren, I photographed all the Kin Eisa dancers.

That way maybe, their mothers or fathers, can pick them out.

It was blazing hot out there today and, I must thank the family for all they did.

Tents were pitched, for shade. Food and refreshments were provided.

The best part of all, was they gave me iced coffee and, an air-conditioned ride home ! 

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