Monday, September 4, 2017

Two Animations of Eisa in Kin Town - Obon 2017

Eisa dancers performing in streets of Kin Town, Okinawa

Before Midnight

Many areas were visited during daylight hours by the Eisa groups.

During the day, I'm usually busy with other things and, don't hang around this part of town.

This Kin Eisa gang showed up near my watering holes before midnight.

Young women Eisa dancers in the rain

It Began Raining

Rain might slow them down but, it didn't stop them from performing and smiling.

With the heat and humidity, we've had lately, I think they enjoyed the showers.

Out there following them around, until two this morning, the rain felt great, to me.

While developing these photos, I heard Eisa, down the street and, captured a few more images.

But, they won't be processed or, downloaded until tomorrow.

Out the door, I'm going to chase Eisa dancers, again tonight. Standby for more...

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