Thursday, September 28, 2017

Travel Agent Academy: Croatia - A European Hot Spot

Croatia Specialist, certificate, Travel Agent Academy

Another One Bites the Dust

Just the other day, I was wondering how I got into the Taiwan travel agent program.

Checking with the Travel Agent Academy, it wasn't listed, there.

As long as I had logged-in, I figured I'd look around, for anything new.

There, I discovered a new course on Croatia. Went back and, checked it out today.
After some grueling, culture, geography, history and language studies, I took the tests.

What the Hell Has That Got to Do with Ryukyu Life ?

Well, I've been taking travel agent courses around the globe and, I'll tell you.

The most successful travel countries, do the best marketing, of the country's features.

So, I kind of know, which places, are most likely to get the most tourists.

Pick out what's unique about a place and, tell folks, where, when and why, they should see it.

Snow festivals and skiing probably, wouldn't go over big, on these islands.

But, water sports, karate, UNESCO sites, culture and foods, might interest some folks.

Telling the travelers, the best and worst months for activities, is important, too.

Visa requirements, transportation, lodging, shopping, museums, all kinds of stuff.

Adventure, amusement, entertainment, camping, cycling and hiking, the list goes on and on.

I take, what's good and, ignore what's poorly done, by every country, I take travel exams in.

One of these days, I might make my own exams, for Okinawa Travel Specialists and Experts !

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