Saturday, September 16, 2017

A Favorite Singer So I GIF-T Her

Aki Yokoyama at a Live House

Live House Dream

The place was shaking with loud rock and folks clapped their hands, while stomping their feet.

Because of the recent rains and passing typhoon, it wasn't as crowded as usual.

That made it a little easier, to get around with the camera so, I was everywhere.

Wanting to travel light, I only brought the Pentax K1 and a 50 MM prime lens.

The nine images used to make this animation were shot at f/2 1/800  ISO 6400.

Normally, I don't use ISO's in that high of a range, to avoid getting grainy photos.

But, it was necessary to get quick shutter speed under those lighting conditions.

Smoke on the Water

They were on the third set, shortly after 11 PM, when they did this number.

Deep Purple's, Smoke on the Water is probably, played by every rock band in Japan.

Aki sings blues too, in English or, Japanese. Take your pick.

Another favorite singer of mine, would be Willie Nelson but, I wouldn't hug the guy.

Aki's, a different story. I don't mind getting hugs from her.

She always, turns her face sideways when she grabs me and, I think I know why.

There's a diamond in her nose and, she may be afraid, I'll snatch it off of her.

Imagine, how many beers you could buy if, you hocked a genuine diamond.

Over 500 times, the shutter clicked on my camera last night.

An album on Facebook, will have some more of the evening's photos.

Each performer, I tried to get good quality images of, to post over there.

Even Aki's mom, was up there, singing on the stage. That was a surprise.

Before midnight, I had to leave, to meet some friends at a another location.

There's no telling, what time the Dream Live House finished up and closed.

About 2 AM, a flock of girls, with Aki, showed up at another bar.

It was a long, busy day, for me and, I knew I'd have to download the camera, early today.

So, I bid everyone farewell and staggered on home. Maybe, it was around 2:30 in the morning.

It seems, I forgot to ask if, the band would be playing live, again tonight.

While, the camera battery is being re-charged maybe, I'll stop downtown and see.

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