Wednesday, September 6, 2017

September 2017 Full Moon Over Okinawa

full moon,Kin Town, Okinawa

7:11 PM

This looks better than, last night's image so, I'll call it the full moon.

The Pentax K1 and a converter on a Pentax 300 Gave me 420 MM of lens.

September 2017 full moon

7:31 PM

The landlord caught me climbing off the roof so, I explained what I was doing up there.

The first photo, I showed him and, told him the full moon was out tonight.

He couldn't see it from ground level so, I had him follow me halfway towards the roof.

Then, told him if, I went back up with a bigger lens maybe, I could get a better shot.

Round Two

Using the same camera with a Sigma 50-500 and the converter 700 MM of lens was available.

The difference in the color of the moon, is something a scientist could tell you.

It always seems more orange, when the moon first comes up.

The later you wait, the brighter and smaller, it appears in the sky.

After two hours, climbing and moon watching, I think, I deserve the rest of the day off.

There's a cold beer waiting for me and, I promised to show a photo of the moon to someone.


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