Tuesday, October 3, 2017

GIF: Okinawa Dance at Beiju (米寿) an 88th Birthday in Japan

Grand Event in Okinawa

The 88th birthday celebration takes on a new meaning in Okinawa, Japan.

Friends, family (from Hawaii and Washington state) and, I was even there.

A hall, down in Gushikawa, hosted the event and, Kin Town, provided bus transportation.

Traditional Okinawa dance performance on stage

Normally, you would never catch me in a suit and, wearing shoes.

But, I got all dolled up for this because, it was a formal event, in honor of Mrs. Yamashiro.

She's the sweetheart, who's always smiling and gardening behind my office.

Lots of bugs, butterflies, flowers and vegetables become subjects for my cameras.

She's always trying to give me vegetables, to take home but, I politely refuse.

The Camera Stayed at the Office

The reason, the town provided transportation, is some serious drinking might be required.

And, that's the reason, I didn't take along any expensive camera equipment.

It was an all-you-can-eat-and-drink type of affair. So, that's what I planned on doing.

While relatives and family, did performances on stage, I consumed plenty of refreshments.

Snapping a few hundred images with the iPhone,  they got sent to the cloud.

When I got back to the office Sunday night, an idea struck me. "You're drunk, go home."

Seven Day Work Weeks

Monday, I decided to spend the day at home and, rest the weary bones.

The wife agreed, it might be a good idea and, the dog loved it. We slept a lot.

Apple's iPhone and that iCloud  are some strange characters.

The camera takes, alright photos and they are fairly large, in size but, need work.

Once a GB of storage in the cloud, gets used up, they want you to pay for more.

The rest of the week I'll probably, decide which photos to keep and process.

Then, a Facebook album, may be created, for Mrs. Yamashiro's friends and family, to see.

Standby for more.....

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