Saturday, October 7, 2017

GIF: Six Minutes of Clouds and October 2017 Moon

October 5 2017 full moon, GIF, clouds

Nine Image Animation

A lot can happen, when out shooting the full moon on Okinawa.

The series of photos, used to create this scene, were taken between 6:20 and 6:26 PM.

 The wind was blowing black clouds through the sky and shaking my camera lens.

The color of the moon, changed during that time period, too.

After downloading the camera and, posting images on the blog, I went out for a drink.

Joking with a guy in the bar, I said,"The moon's a moving target."

He agreed and said, "I know. I'm a meteorologist."

That was my chance to ask him, "How come the color of the moon changes, so fast?"

Well, about that time, a beautiful woman, walked into the bar.

So, I quit paying attention to the weatherman. Amen.

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