Sunday, October 22, 2017

Super Typhoon Lan Cleanup

It Missed Okinawa

The weather dudes got it all wrong this time but, it gave me some time off.

Typhoon Lan, is a big one and will probably, cause some damage in mainland Japan.

Last night, I crashed at 7 PM and, woke up 3 AM this morning, to see the action.

That's what time, they predicted winds and rain would be severest.

It was a little windy but, dry outside so, I walked the dog and, bought some coffee.

At 4 AM, white clouds were visible, in the dark skies. By 5 AM, I was at the office.

Cleanup Some Bird Photos

There wasn't any typhoon cleanup required.  Yesterday was wasted, for no good reason.

So, I dug up an old bird photo from 2015, to demonstrate cleaning up an image.

There are distractions in this photo which, take away from the subject. Get rid of them.

bird, image, Night Heron, before

The subject is a Black-crowned Night Heron, located in Namisato, Kin Town, Okinawa.

To make the photo "pop" some sticks, twigs, and undesirables, had to be removed.

A few minutes, of photo editing and, my cleanup would be done. Call this BEFORE.

bird, image, Night Heron, after

Here's the AFTER Image

Had I wanted to spend a few more minutes time, some of the off-colored items, would disappear.

Just in case, another wildlife photographer wants, to find the spot, I left it natural.

The cement block and colored rocks are more than likely, still there.

One Other Item

One of these days, WiFi will need to be installed in my house.

Sitting at home, checking email accounts was next to impossible the past 24 hours.

One email, from Academia, came through and, really had me curious.

But, there was no sense in pushing "View Now" because I knew, I'd get nowhere.

48 mentions, Michael Lynch, Academia, email, screenshot

They Got Me Confused with Someone Wearing Shoes

There's plenty, I could tell you, about ways of the world and, ladies of the night.

But, I ain't got no Doctorates Degree!

So, I had to get some cleaning up on that Academia site, too.

Don't get me wrong. People with that level of education, I admire. Some, are my friends.

"Michael Lynch" (the guy in that email) probably, is way more educated than me.

So, I spent a few hours, getting my profile, over there, spiffed up.

There are a few thousand, "Michael Lynch" characters on this planet, I'll bet.

But, I bet, there ain't many, doing their research, wearing yellow flip-flops!

My Typhoon Cleanup is done for the day.

NOTE:  For the best typhoon information (On Okinawa) go HERE

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