Friday, October 27, 2017

Conveyor Belt Sushi at Hamazushi in Nago Okinawa

Hamazushi Restaurant, sushi bar, conveyor belt delivery service

Place to Munch for Lunch

It was just after a short visit to the hospital, the wife and daughter took me to lunch.

I was kinda bummed because the doctor said I have to continue taking medications.

She asked, how I was feeling but, didn't even pull my shorts down. Oh well.

Seating at sushi restaurant, almost empty of customers

This is a unique establishment. Conveyor belts. deliver food to the tables.

So, if you like complaining don't expect a waitress; bring your wife.

tuna on rice, sushi, conveyor belt

Orders are placed by pressing buttons on each table's computer.

Conveyor belts, do the delivery. You're supposed, to be honest, and take only your orders.

Above, is Maguro (AKA Tuna) and the card preceding, is in English as well as, Japanese. 

Octopus sushi on conveyor belt

The next serving is Taco or, Octopus Sushi, in English.

Everything comes in orders of two and, sitting on a bed of rice.

At the tables, soy sauce, wasabi, and other dressings are free for the taking.

Meat on rice at a sushi bar

This one was a surprise. Meat on a sushi roll.

Actually, there were two sushi rolls, when the things rolled out. I ate before shooting.

It may have been Ginger Pork or, some sort of beef. I can't tell you. It got gobbled, too fast.

More Information

Items other than sushi are available, such as chicken nuggets, soup, salad, and fries.

If you go on weekends, each plate or order sells for 100 Japanese yen.

On weekdays servings only cost 90 yen.

See my Google Maps Review for directions and more.

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