Sunday, October 15, 2017

Almost Missed Fireworks at Kin Matsuri

hanabi, fireworks, festival,Japan

Thanks to an Alert Granddaughter

The sun was still blazing hot when I arrived at the Kin Town Matsuri.

Placing the tripod and camera under a food counter, I did some serious BBQ eating.

The only photos I planned on shooting, would be the fireworks.

hanabi, fireworks, festival, Japan

Some friends, hanging around the festival food booths, were drinking beer.

Some medications, I'm taking gave me an excuse to, not join them, enjoying the booze.

hanabi, fireworks, matsuri, festival, Japan

Along came the Mayor and, he wanted to chat, meet my friends and, drink beers together.

The next thing, you know, everybody's buying beers and doing cheers.

That was my excuse, to partake in a little bit of beer drinking. Not to insult the Mayor.

hanabi, fireworks, festival, Okinawa, Japan

The Mayor, doesn't speak much English and the gang, didn't speak Japanese.

Even though, I'm not an official translator, I had to do some simple translating.

Like, introducing people and, telling the Mayor their ages and occupations.

Maybe, stuff like, "Wow. She's got nice jeans." When some gal walked by.

Other than that, everybody kept buying, each other, cups of beer and saying, "Kampai."

fireworks, festival, Okinawa, Japan, Kin Town

That's what folks do, when drinking and making toasts in Japan.

The Mayor, floated away in the festival crowds so, we kept drinking beers without him.

Along came a granddaughter, who knows, I have a camera, for the festival, somewhere.

She asked if, grandpa remembers, why he came to this festival.

"I came to shoot the hanabi (fireworks), I told her."

"Where's your camera, Grandpa?"

"Over there, under the counter."

"Hurry up and get ready."

"Why" I said, "The hanabi don't start, until 8:45."

"She came back with, "Grandpa, it's 8:40 now!"

Holy crap. I had to slam my cup of beer and run to get the camera set up.

These shots were taken between 9:00 and 9:02 PM, the last few minutes of the fireworks.

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