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15 Photos of Fukugawa Waterfalls Revisited

Fukugawa Falls, nature, travel, attraction, remote

An Attraction in Nago Okinawa

These falls are part of Nago City few travelers get to see.

It's been close to five years since I made the trek.  These images were processed today.

It took a bit of photo editing, to prepare them for some travel sites.

Red-tiled roof, building, rest area, shelter

The traditional Okinawa tiled-roof building serves as a rest stop.

It may be found, on the trail at the lower entrance to the waterfalls.

Reaching the falls from the trail at the top can be dangerous so, is not recommended.

Those, not good at navigating via Google Maps, may get directions at Map It Okinawa.

Wooden bridge, trail to waterfalls, jungle

Pleasant weather, this time of the year, makes this an enjoyable nature hike.

A light jacket, sturdy walking shoes and, some insect repellent, would be the way to go.

Ferns, vegetation, bridge

The walk only takes about fifteen minutes but, I spend half an hour doing photography.

There's no telling, what kinds of creatures, you might spot in the jungles.

Birds, butterflies and, humongous banana spiders, are some of my favorites.

rocks, flowing water, vegetation, trees

Recent typhoons may have turned this trickle of water, into a raging river.

Places along the trail may require visitors, to get their feet a little wet.

A walking stick might be a good idea, to keep from falling off of slippery rocks.

Rocks, stream, trail to waterfalls

A few spots along the way, the trail may be non-existent and, climbing is necessary.

There's something about trekking in nature that relaxes the body.

Just, don't get too comfortable, climbing on wet rocks; they can be dangerous.

Shallow stream of flowing water, trail, waterfalls

In places along the way, you may have to decide, which side of the stream, to hike on.

Like flowing water, I tend to take the path of least resistance.

water flowing on rocks, stream, waterfall

Younger generation folks, may sprint, and splash, ahead of me. That's fine.

It's always fun, to experiment with slower shutter speeds, shooting flowing water.

If, you didn't bring along a camera, at least take some smart-phone photos.

Stream, rocks, fallen trees, vegetation

Ferns, fallen trees, vegetation, flowing water and rocks, are great for composing images.

Cloudy days, are the best, for this type of photography. There's no sun glare.

A dreary day, when the beach is out of the question, is perfect for this trip.

Fukugawa Falls, rocks, jungle, stream

Most people will hear the waterfall before it comes into sight.

It's not the largest fall in Okinawa but, it certainly is beautiful.

Fukugawa Waterfalls, view from left side

Whenever I visit waterfalls, I like to photograph from different angles.

On a sunny day, it's best to wait for some clouds to block the bright sunlight.

waterfall, rocks, trees, ferns

Moving around, gives you a chance to compose various images.

When reviewed on a computer monitor later, it's easy, to throw the worst ones away.

Fukugawa Falls, vegetation

Sometimes, an editor wants, space to write or advertise. It's their money.

So, I'll make a composition, such as this. I certainly, don't like the image.

Show me the gold and, you can have it.

Waterfalls, left view, trees, vegetation

From the right side of the waterfalls, I had to shoot through some vegetation.

People who want privacy might think, this is a good place to jump into the water.

Fukugawa Falls, front view, water, pool, rocks

Just, don't be swimming around naked, when I show up for a frontal shot!

Fukugawa Falls on Google Maps

Warnings and directions at Map It Okinawa.

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