Thursday, October 5, 2017

Two Images of October 2017 Harvest Moon Over Okinawa

astronomy; full-moon, photography, Okinawa, Japan

Last Night We Celebrated

There was a big festival, known as Kangetsusai, in Kin Town, under the almost full moon.

Of course, I was out there, with a camera and, extremely busy.

Everyone kept offering me alcoholic spirits to enjoy, along with them.

But, I don't drink, when using the camera. It's against my religion, I guess.

The moon, wasn't quite 100% round. It was 98 or 99% if, you ask me.

Knowing, it would appear more full tonight, I got outside early.

This photo was taken at 6:23 PM using the Pentax 300 MM and a 1.4 converter.

astronomy, harvest moon, full-moon, Okinawa, Sigma

A Few Minutes Later

Clouds would come and go and, a second series of shots might not have happened.

Going back downstairs, I switched to a Sigma 50-500 MM lens with a converter.

Stretched out all the way, the lens gave me 700 MM of focal length.

It was 6:39 PM, when this photo was taken. Notice, the change in the color of the moon.

If, you want to catch the moon, appearing orange, don't be 16 minutes late.

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