Thursday, March 5, 2009

Aquarium Shot

Dug this shot out of my files because it's just another rainy day and I'm in a hurry to get out, go home and walk the dogs and probably get as wet as this fish in an aquarium.
The day I shot this I was in a hurry, too. That's why it's probably not the sharpest aquarium shot you've ever seen. To get a great shot of a fish in a tank you have to be patient, get the right lighting and exposure and watch out for glare off the tank's glass. A great way to avoid glare is to position yourself where you can press your camera lens flat against the glass. I've taken some award-winning photos that way and I keep them in my Nobody GETS TO SEE FOLDER.
Why didn't I take my time on this shot ? Well, I promised this girl, if she modeled for me, I'd give her a free portrait. She's pretty and works in the office at a club I go to for lunch about once a month. She asked if I could make her look slimmer when I shoot her portrait and I said, "Sure, my computer has a program that can stretch you out, make you taller, slimmer, whatever you want". One of my cameras even has that feature built right into it. So, now every time I go to grab a quick hamburger for lunch, she wants to know when I'm going to take her picture. Usually, the place is busy at lunch time and that's my excuse to not take her portrait; this time it wasn't. I passed by the office and saw her, but she didn't see me. I shot the fish on the way out and made a quick exit; that's why I was lucky to get a shot of the fish at all, let alone a decent one.
So, what's the big deal; shy or afraid to shoot a pretty girl ? Not at all ! What kind of an animal do you think I am ? I just spent half the morning with my camera in the jungle and the other half laying in bird crap on a rock overlooking the ocean trying to get some good wildlife shots. So, why would I want to get in some pretty girl's face lookin' like Grizzly Adams and smelling like an uncleaned bird cage to shoot her portrait ?
Besides, with all these Blogs and Meta tags, URLs, Links and other foreign languages I'm looking at every night; who wants to take the time to learn how to make pretty girls skinnier after you shoot them ? Somebody showed me how to put a link to my website from this Blog today. Let me know if it works. Then when I get around to it I'll post a picture of a pretty, skinny girl for you. OK ?

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