Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Picadaday

Well, this is the picaday, so far, anyway, from yesterday's photo shoot at the Kin Eisa Festival. There are still 300 some-odd more waiting to be developed and they are gonna just have to wait for me to get caught-up. When I got done last night, instead of going home to download my camera, I made the mistake of going to my office. I wasn't even sure if the latest model laptop I bought, with Windows 7 on it had a slot to pop SD Cards into but, I figured I'd find out and maybe have one beer to unwind. Then, if the camera couldn't be downloaded, I'd go home and do it on the old standby Vista-equipped laptop.

Well, sonovagun, the camera downloaded just fine and before I could finish my ice-cold beer, customers started showing up. My office happens to be a Karaoke Bar. Usually, you won't catch me doing camera related stuff in the bar when it's open. Cameras and booze don't mix well, not for me anyway. So, normally, you won't see a camera or a computer sitting on the counter when the joint is open. The stuff I leave in the bar isn't visible and most of the camera and computer gear is carried home when I'm done doing office thingys everyday.

Here in Japan it's a custom, you buy the bar tenders, hostesses and owner a drink or share whatever you happen to be drinking with them. Pretty girls, ugly guys, old people, young folks, all kinds of customers started coming in and when they spotted me at the end of the counter they'd order a beer and send it my way. Kampaii (Cheers) and "Long time no see, Mikesan" kept happening. Then, after the third beer or so they got me singing Karaoke. No telling what time I staggered home with my camera gear and took the dogs out for their walk on the beach. All I know for sure is the sun wasn't shining, yet.

It's a rough life, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. More next week.....

Put painful photos in the past,

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