Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flowers and Fruits: Shootin' Pomegranates in the Rain (Photos)

Just for the heck of it and (mostly) to get someone in my house to quit yappin about this beautiful flower with fruits I should take photos of, I went shootin' in the wind and rain today. 

Here is what all the commotion was about. That's the pomegranate flower and you can see baby fruits.

     Just in case you couldn't see them, I made a close up shot.  Now, you can even see the raindrops.

It was raining and windy making it kind of hard to catch the flowers and leaves holding still for a split second.  So, I used my camera flash, turned down a few notches to weaken it.

All the hens in the neighborhood keep cackling, "This is the only pomegranate with this color flowers on the whole island of Okinawa, Japan".  Who knows?  They might be correct. 

I never knew what a pomegranate flower or fruit were until just a few minutes ago.

The folks over at WIKIPEDIA ORG have pictures of the fruit and flowers that don't look anything like mine.

My 1999, hardly ever used, Webster's American Dictionary says a pomegranate is a "tropical reddish fruit with many seeds".  So, you'll probably never catch me eatin' any of them.

On the way home from the pomegranate shootin' session I noticed Easter Lilies growing in my driveway. 

I figured I'd better practice shootin' them in the wind and rain, too.

Friday, I'll be heading to another island just so I can shoot about a million of these flowers.  I'll be awful disappointed if it rains the whole time I'm there.

You can bet on it.  I won't let the weather stop me from trying to get some award-winning photos.

Walking around in the wind and rain with my Pentax, shooting flowers and fruits today, may pay off in the long run.  It may have been a good rehersal for the upcoming weekend and the bonus, for me is, nobody's yappin' about the beautiful pomegranate flowers I should see anymore.

Just in case I'm unwired from this internet thingy a few days, I loaded up a few new galleries on my website for everyone TO PEEK AT.

So, if I'm not around, you can pick your own PHOTO OF THE DAY just try not to leave any fingerprints. OK?


Cathy Sweeney said...

Glad that people kept yappin at you so that we could see these gorgeous photos!

RyukyuMike said...

LOL You wait and see. I think I put the best shot somewhere else.
Shootin in the wind and rain doesn't work too well with flowers but, I'm learnin !

Gene said...

You use that yappin as an excuse to go on those wonderful Safaris. Always get Great photos ,gives You inspiration to have that yappin happening.Thanks,

Angry Redhead said...

awww, I've never seen pomegranate growing before...they're cute!

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks but, this safari was only two houses down the road from mine.
Now, the one I'm goin' on tomorrow, that'll be a safari. Hah!

RyukyuMike said...

Angry Redhead,
First time I ever saw one, too. Now I'm wonderin how big they get and why anyone would eat them!