Monday, April 18, 2011

LIke Pulling Teeth? Not Me. Unless, It's An Emergency (DIY)

                                  These things always seem to happen at the darndest times.

There was a full moon out last night but, it was way too cloudy and windy for me to go trying to shoot it with the Sigma 50-500mm lens.

I figured I'd get to sleep early and catch the moon as the sun was coming up in the morning.  4:30AM I went out to see what the moon was doing.  It was there, alright but, the sky was full of clouds, everywhere.

Weather can change suddenly around here so, I sat down at the kitchen table drank coffee and started reading the latest edition of Landscape Photography.  Maybe, I'd get a good shot of the full moon, later.

About 5:30 this tooth I've been wiggling around in my head decided it was time to act up. 

It had to get pulled.  I looked at the clock. Good, no dentist in his right mind is awake at this hour.

We have a full-fledged emergency.  Tooth, you're coming out, right now.  I like DIY stuff, you're history.

Like Pulling Teeth?

If trying to extract information from or to get a straight answer from someone

Or, if something is very difficult

That's what the idiom means according to USING ENGLISH.COM/IDIOMS


1. Wiggle the tooth with your tongue for a few weeks so it gets really loose.

2. The tooth will let you know when it has to come out. Usually it's when the dentist is closed.

3. Sterilize your mouth with something powerful like mouthwash or Johnny Walker Black.

4. Wash your hands real good. Sing Happy Birthday, all the way through, twice while washing.

5. Grab the tooth.  Twist, wiggle and pull until it comes out.

6. Rinse real quick one more time with something powerful.

7. Stuff something like a tissue or paper towel in there to stop the bleeding.

8. If you believe in fairies wash the tooth and stick it under your pillow.

9. Don't eat or drink anything until after the bleeding stops and you take the stuffing outa your mouth.

10. Go see a real dentist, after they wake up, if you have the time or money for such luxuries.

So, what's "Like pulling teeth" actually like ?   This one was a real doozy.  I always wondered why the dentist has you go and get Xrays on a tooth that he's just going to yank out and throw away.

This little bugger was hooked up real good.  It took me a about ten minutes to yank it out.  It felt like it might have been wired all the way down to my kneecap.  Xrays may have shown that, not sure.

The darn thing almost brought tears to my eyes.

Next, after I got done with Step #9, I repeated Step #6 a few more times.  And then, I couldn't focus myself or the camera to take a sharp picture of the mouthwash.  That crazy bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whiskey wouldn't hold still and it couldn't even stand up straight.

And the magazine became too hard to read. 

So, I took a little nap.

Sonavagun if I didn't miss the full moon.

Sometimes catching a full moon without it being under a blanket of clouds is just "Like pulling teeth".

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