Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Playing Games With The Full Moon Okinawa, Japan 20 Apr 2011

       Last night between 12:57AM and 1:09AM the games the moon was playing with me came to an end.

                The little sucker had been hiding behind clouds every time I went out to shoot.

      As I walked home last night it peeked through the clouds and so, I decided to play my games.

                 With the Pentax, a tripod and SIGMA 50-500MM LENS I got closer and closer.

                                             Until I got that sucker right where I wanted it.

Now, I'm done playing games, freezing my furry toes-off in my flip-flops, trying to catch the full moon in Okinawa, Japan.  This full moon thing happens a lot.  Maybe it'll be warmer next month.  Ya reckon?

As soon as I clean up the mess from all the wife's planters I knocked over last night, I'm going back to bed.

This month's Full Moon Photos were inspired by THE ASTROBLOG


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