Saturday, April 23, 2011

Photo of the Week: Ancestor Worship: Okinawa, Japan

This week's photo was taken by Rusty Robertson while Ryukyu Mike was busy with the family at an annual get together.  That'd be me, over there on the left, the guy who formerly had a long, white, scruffy beard.

If you haven't already seen the article, take a minute, and visit POCKET CULTURES to see the full story.

I'm right proud of my apprentice, Rusty getting his first batch of photos published.

The guy puts up with my yelling and cussing about how to shoot cameras but, last Sunday I had to act like I was worshipping so, I kept quiet and let Rusty do his thing.  I was supposed to be praying.

It'll be a little while longer before you see my smiling face on this blog.  Rusty and I are working on another project, right now.  And my face is a little sore from what happened to it today.

Standby for more photos by Ryukyu Mike and his sidekick, Rusty traveling around Okinawa, Japan with our cameras as soon as I grow some hair back.  Oh, yeah.  I almost forgot. Rusty shot that pile of fur, too!

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Ryan said...

We want to see a photo of the clean shaven Mike....

RyukyuMike said...

Hah! It won't be exactly clean-shaven; just modified a bit.
Most folks say something like, "Mike, I never knew you had a neck"!