Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Statue The Most Loyal and Faithful Dog in Japan: Hachiko

Today for Travel Photo Thursday: A tribute to the most famous dog in all of Japan, Hachiko the Akita.
This dog, a Japanese Akita, became famous for waiting at the train station for his master to come home.

They had a routine, Professor Ueno would take the train, everyday, from Shibuya Station to go to work at the University of Tokyo. Hachiko, would wait for him to return, everyday.

Well, one day in May of 1925, the Professor died and didn't return but, nobody told the dog.

Hachiko, even though, adopted by a new family, escaped and kept going back to the train station, waiting for his master to return.  How long ?  How about until he died in March of 1935, a few years later !

There are bronze statues of Hachiko the Akita, books and movies about him, even video games.

People often use Hachiko, as an example of loyalty, to teach their children as they're growing up.

Hachiko is a National Hero and every year on the 8th of April there is a ceremony dedicated to him at Tokyo's Shibuya Train Station.  That's this Friday, for those who'd like to participate.

Learn more about HACHIKO THE MOST LOYAL AND FAITHFUL DOG IN JAPAN HERE and see if there are any dogs as famous in your culture. I think, Scotland has one. Australia, too.

NOTE: This Statue of Hachiko, in Okinawa, is located on HWY 329 on the left side of the road just after crossing the Kin Bridge, heading north. A better photo could be taken in early morning light.

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