Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What the Lily (Flowers) Taught Me Today (Photos)

It's Spring and Easter Sunday is just around the corner.  So, today I figured it'd be a good time to practice shooting Lily flowers.  Mrs. Ryukyu Mike has the things growing in a garden on the roof of the house. 

What brand they are, I have no idea but, the Missus said if I planned on shooting them I'd better do it today.  They won't be in bloom much longer.  Here's a few photos.
                                     Just for the sake of simplicity I'll call this the Red Lily.

                                          This one, I don't know.  Call it whatever you'd like.


1. I was born to shoot wildlife, not flowers.

2. Lilies won't hold still in the wind.

3. Lying on my back in a puddle of water isn't as much fun as it used to be.

4. The wife and Wikipedia disagree on the names of these lilies.  One of them could be wrong.

5. Hold real still shooting lilies, lying in a puddle and the wife's dog thinks you died.  So, he pees on you.

There is a big Lily Festival on the island of Ie-shima in Okinawa, Japan at the end of this month.  I plan on taking the ferry over there to shoot the white lilies.  They will have over a million of them in bloom. 

Those lilies, I know, are Easter Lilies.  But, Easter will be over before I get there.

It's a good idea to practice for these big events.  I need to brush up on my flower photography before I go spending an overnighter on some strange island.

That's just in case the locals slip something in my tea and I wake up with a hangover. Know what I mean?

What I'm hoping for is to come back with plenty of good flower photos taken under sunny blue skies.

And, I hope they have a "No Dogs Allowed" policy for the Lily Festival on Ie-shima.

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