Tuesday, April 12, 2011

T-shirt of the Day (Photo)

Here's photo of the shirt on my back today.  I'm not sure if they have copyright, trademark infringement, patents, or any laws against anything south of the border, down Mexico way these days.

So I figure it's best to give credit to whoever designed this T-shirt. Somebody in Mexico.

Yep, that's my T-shirt and yup, I was in Mexico when I bought the thing.  But, I only wear it on special occasions, like the day after the wife's dog takes a leak on me.  He didn't actually mean to piss on me. 

He just decided the planter I was focusing on while shooting Lilies needed his attention, too. 

                   Dogs don't know water runs downhill and into the nearest puddle available. 

                                                      At least STUPID DOGS DON'T KNOW.

            If you hurry and take action within the next 24 hours, along with what's available on the
                                                                T-shirt of the Day, I'll throw

                                           A STUPID DOG IN ON THE DEAL ABSOLUTELY FREE !

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