Thursday, August 11, 2011

Reminder of War in Okinawa (Photos) Chibirichi Gama (Cave)

The photos I have taken over the past two days are a gruesome reminded of the horrors of war.

To the left and right of this monument are caves where civilians took shelter during the Battle of Okinawa.

Skulls, surrounding the figure of the man playing a sanshin, represent those who perished in the caves.

Red clay figures may be seen through the slots in the front of the monument.  Fearing a fate worse than death, if taken by the advancing American forces, families killed their children before committing suicide themselves, some by poison, others used grenades given to them by the Japanese soldiers.

Eighty-four of the hundred and forty people who took shelter in Chibichri Gama died in this cave.

As if this monument wasn't a gruesome enough reminder of the war which took place in 1945, some Japanese Nationalists came to Okinawa in 1987 and smashed the red clay statues.  Extreme right wingers believe the monument is an insult to the Emperor.

Should history be changed, or should people be reminded of the horrors of war?

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