Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lady of the Week: A Travel Photo from Okinawa

The lady dancing around the fire in the darker robe, she's got to be the Lady of the Week.  What a gal !

This photo was taken 7:30PM on July 31, 2011 at the Shinugu Matsuri in Ada Kunigami Okinawa, Japan.

Shortly after sunrise that morning I met this lady picking flowers.  It was 6:30, or earlier and she was the first human I'd seen since arriving in the village.  She was taking wheelbarrow loads of plants and flowers to the village office.  She decorated the stage in the place for a special event.
It's the 35th anniversary since the Shinugu Matsuri (festival) was made an Official Intangible Cultural Asset.

She was all over the place, all day long, doing whatever women do at Intangible Cultural Asset events.  Women weren't allowed up on the mountain when us guys did our secret stuff.  But, as we came back down out of the hills all sweaty and smelling like wet goats, this Lady of the Week tried to hand me a cold beer.  I thanked her and explained I couldn't drink because I was working.  Shucks.

During the course of all the events, I got a dozen great shots of this gal but, I forgot to ask her name.  Duh.

When I get all my developing done, I'll print some photos and go back up to Ada so I can give her one.  Until then, I'll just keep calling her the Shinugu Matsuri Lady of the Week and show her off on TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY.  That'd be worth a cold beer.  Dontcha think ?

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