Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fly United From Okinawa, Japan (Photo) This Is Science OK?

That's right. The photo you're looking at I wanted to title "Fly United" but, I don't want the guys from some big airplane company coming after me so, I decided I'd better make a scientific title and caption.

This couple of flies were discovered in Okinawa, Japan.  They can be found just about anywhere around the world.  Their common name is Green Bottle Fly or a Blow Fly. 

The science part is where it gets a little confusing and I'm really no scientist so, I'll give you the references I found.  Then, you can decide who you want to believe.

WIKIPEDIA calls these flies Lucilia sericata.

1ST RESPONSE PEST CONTROL just says their scientific name is Calliphora or  Phaenicia species.

If you are really interested in bugs, there's plenty of information for you at both these sources.

Should you be looking for work, the guys over at Pest Management got a big banner you can click on that says "We're Hiring".

Now, that's got me wondering. 

If I applied for a job and had to go for an interview, I wonder if I could Fly United from Okinawa, Japan !

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