Friday, August 26, 2011

Tree Lovers: Ever Run Across a Lantern Tree ? (Photos)

Here's a photo of a humongous tree I discovered in Ogimi Okinawa, Japan.

To make research easy I took a shot of the sign that told me the scientific name.
Hernandia nymphaeaefolia Kubitzki would take me a long time to write. So, I didn't.

I figured I'd get a photo of the leaves.

Snapped a picture of the sign showing the leaves and the whole story about this tree.
 Then, I stepped back to give an idea of how big the tree is in comparison to the sign.

Here's a view, closer up, of a branch, more leaves and some flowers.

There are some rough-looking spots on the bark of this tree, too.

These leaves are the last shot I took so, that's what I'm leaving you with for photos.

The little lady read the Japanese on the sign and got all freaked out.

That's because I didn't tell her I took these photos in what you might call a cemetery.  Hah!

What does she think I'm doing when I go out with my camera, chasing women?

It seems like years ago they used these Lantern Trees for some kind of funeral purposes.

But, they have also been used for medicine, making shoes, fishing poles, furniture, canoe building,  necklace making, and firewood.

The poor trees are even listed as a Threatened Species.

If you ever run across a lantern tree be careful.

There might be ghosts around them according to my missus.  Wooooooooo!

Read more about these Lantern Trees HERE and HERE

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