Sunday, May 6, 2012

Photo of the 2012 Super Moon at Matsuda Beach Okinawa, Japan

Bigger by 14% and 30% brighter is what all the scientists say but, here's what I saw.

There must have been something evil hanging around the skies over Okinawa, Japan.

This photo was taken at Matsuda Beach in Ginoza Okinawa, Japan May 5, 2012.

There was nothing between  the camera lens and the east coast of the island, except for some haze in the sky. So, we never saw the moon rise from the horizon.

Several photos were taken with a Sigma 50-500mm lens but, I swapped that out for an 18-250 to get some wide angle shots.

We are packing up gear to go back out tonight and check out the moon situation.

Just in case the full moon decided to arrive May 6, 2012, Okinawa time.

For more on shooting the full moon see my PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS

I'm outta here.

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Ryan said...

Hoooooowl wooooo wooo ahem..sorry bout that Mike.

I can report that there was a huge full moon over Scotland last night and no I don't mean when the wife came out of the shower.

MoreThingsJapanese said...

Nice choice on going with the wide angle. Your previous moon photos were great, but this is definitely more interesting. I love over-the-water shots!

RyukyuMike said...

Glad to hear you had a humongous moon to view.

Glad you enjoy over-ther-water shots. I took a few more last night.