Monday, May 7, 2012

Photos: 2012 Super Moon Over Okinawa On Night Two

Things looked a little brighter for Super Moon enthusiasts in Okinawa last night.

The full moon was well above the water on the horizon by the time we saw it.

It didn't look half the size I would have expected after seeing other photos on the internet.

So, again, I played around with some wide angle shots.

A few others got zoomed-in all the way on. 

Then, I decided there wouldn't be any photo contest winners here.

So, backed off and took some more wide angle shots.

Cuz, there ain't no sense in cryin over split moonshine.

Or is there ?


Unknown said...

All I can say is...........WOW!

Japan-Australia said...

Wow! Some great shots there of the super moon. I bet it looked great over Okinawa with the sea in the background :)

Japan Australia

RyukyuMike said...

Thanks. I hope you saw it over your neck of the woods, too.

Thank you. I'd hoped you would enjoy some more over-the-water shots.