Monday, May 28, 2012

Disclosure About this Blog in Japan: It Falls Under US Laws

The United States of America Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
requires me to tell you some legal stuff about this blog.

Like, if you see any product advertised here and decide to buy it, um, I get paid by the advertiser.

Or, if I do a product review on something and get a freebie from the company, I'm supposed to let you know. That way nobody can say I tricked you into buying a piece of junk that I got for free.

Most of the junk I have, I paid for but, I have been known to collect old furniture from friends to furnish a house or, my new office. Sometimes, I buy brand new stuff.

The Photographer's Market, I got five years ago and, I just found out the 2013 edition is on sale.


The Writer's Market 2013 from Amazon is on sale before publication, too.

Any photographer or writer who is in the business of making money should have these books in their library.

They get a five star rating from me but, mine are a little bit too old for a book review.

US laws, which I fall under (sometimes) say I have to disclose this stuff, to you.

If you buy one of those books or, anything else, from any advertiser on this blog



This Disclosure Statement will be reviewed by my free legal advisory board as soon as they sober up and may be updated periodically to comply with US Laws and the people who fall under them in Japan. 

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