Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Six Hour Do It Yourself Paint Job: Photo Essay

The folks over in the Painter's Union may not appreciate this, but I saved a few hundred bucks today.

With the Pentax set up on a tripod, I used the 12 second timer to snap these photos.

If you ever get tired of looking at the same old walls in your house, you could do this too.

A paint roller, pan, trim brushes and water-based latex paint are the ingredients I bought.

Hop up on a little two-step ladder and start trimming in the top corner of a wall.

Spread that paint nice and thick with the brush and keep scooting along until you hit the far end of the wall.

Grab your pan and roller and start using them quick, like a bunny, before the brushed paint dries.

Then run over to another wall and trim everything, doors, windows, floorboards, electrical outlets, anything that can't be reached with the roller. Trimming takes the most time.

The room I was doing had this ugly blue color in one corner. It may need two coats of white paint.

It took awhile to decide, it would be easier to paint the wall white, than the fridge blue.

So, I pushed it around and painted the walls behind it.

Trimming around the all the remaining windows and doors, the rest of the paint got rolled.

Everything was done in less than six hours and hardly a drop of paint got anywhere it wasn't supposed to be, except a little bit on me.

Professional painters don't worry about getting a little paint on them.

If you want to be a do it yourself painter, be a professional one, too !

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Ryan said...

My last DIY project ended in disaster in fact the least said about it the better. The wife's been nagging me to decorate our lounge for months I was much do you charge per hour and how soon can you get here?

Your new place is coming along a treat, good luck with it.

RyukyuMike said...

Unafordable,atthe moment, I am real busy. Wish I could come and help you. Heck, if you bought the plane ticket, I'd probably work FREE !