Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Cherry Blossom (桜) Day

Today I went out to shoot the Cherry Blossoms (桜) again. The light wasn't right for what I wanted, so I dug up this shot from a few weeks ago.
In the next week or so the blossoms will be gone until next year. Amen ! Just hope I get the shots in the right light over the next few days so they get published and I get paid for them !
Today I figured out, I probably make around a Nickle an hour when you figure for every hour I'm out shooting I spend twice as much time on the computer editing and processing.
Again, I tried to change my settings so people can respond to my Blog. Let me know if it worked. And if you can't respond, let me know that, too. Just go back to the top of my Home Page and hit Questions and Answers. Then look at my Gallery and find a picture that says "Buy This Photo" and TRY THAT OUT, TOO !
More later


Doc said...

see if you get this

Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid said...

Wow! I am setting up a blog too. Nice work buddy!