Monday, February 16, 2009

Photo Courtesy of "Doc" Keith Graff

Times a wastin' and this blog stuff gets easier for me everyday; only takes about five minutes, if you don't worry about what to compose and just put whatever pops into your head right into the PC.

Doc's a photojournalist; me, just a cameraman, but, if I keep doing this blog stuff everyday and can train the finger I type with to quit banging on the wrong keys, maybe I'll try and do a story someday.

It just dawned on me last night that people reading this blog might not know what I'm talking about when I yell about buying my pictures. I forgot to hook this thing up to my website ! Well, today I URLd and Meta Tagged and a whole bunch of other stuff so the website has the blog and the blog is linked to the website. Welcome to the 21st Century, Grampa !
As long as I was doing all that administrative stuff, I decided to put my picture on and fill out the About Me section, too and give you a better look at me by loading Doc's picture up full size. Now Doc is published again and loading his resume up with all kinds of credits.

These Google folks sure do ask alot of personal questions about you, though. I left alot of spaces blank and gave them my birthday, for a couple of reasons. One is so when people see how old I really am, I won't have to worry about somebody like Merryl Streep hunting me down like she did with that character in "Bridges of Madison County". Another reason, maybe Mr. Google sends birthday presents out on your birthday ! I have just enough space left in my camera bag for an 800mm lens. Ya hear me Mr. Google ?

Thanks for the picture, Doc and I hope some of my both followers visit your blog. And NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC doesn't call me for an assignment soon, I'll be switchin' to SMITHSONIAN ! More later

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