Monday, February 16, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering.....

.....Where I get all the Bull Crap I type in my Blog from, or, what I look like (since I never got around to posting a photo of myself) I decided to post this, because, it probably won't make the cover of GQ, Ladies Home Journal, National Geographic, or any of my other favorite Magazines !

Gettin' down and dirty is what I do when I'm out shooting with a camera. I'm always out looking for that million dollar shot and sometimes to get it composed the way you want it you have to do some real dumb things with your body; like kneel down in front of a fighting bull waiting to enter the arena.

Sunday the 15th of Jan in Okinawa, Japan (while you folks were probably with your sweethearts doing Valentine's stuff) I spent the day with bulls, taking pictures and because my Sidekick "Doc" paid the entrance fees for us to get in to the event, afterwards, I sprung for a steak dinner. All that beef running around made me hungry !

Oh, we're Homo sapiens and have wives, in case you were wondering !
We just get our freedom to go out and try and make more money with our cameras, so our wives get to spend more, on things we don't really need, unless, it's stuff to help us make more money, with our cameras !

Cycles, everything seems to go in cycles: earning and spending, uploading and downloading, up and down (Dollar, Yen and Euro), Peace and War, World Economies, Life and Death, Bear Markets and Bull... enough bull.....if you come away from this blog with anything valuable today, remember this, " Speak well of the dead; you may be one of them someday".

Also, if you were thinking of stealing my picture, save yourself alot of trouble and just send me ten bucks ! More later.

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