Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was cloudy and raining outside, but I learned along time ago to take my camera with me every chance I get.
I never got a shot in today, but, if I'd have left the camera at home: THE BIRD OF PARADISE probably would've flew right up my nose!

There must be a few hundred thousand bird pictures that I could've posted here today, but I dug this one up because it's fairly recent and I just entered it in a contest at Better Photo and I want someone to try and steal it. That way, I can see if anyone reads my blog and it will help me decide if I really want to start posting my photos on flickr, and, besides that, I just couldn't think of anything great to Blog about today !

STEAL THIS PICTURE, REALLY ?.... Yup, there's a few easy ways I can teach you how to get free pictures off the internet. One is by right-clicking and saving it to a file, and another is a screen shot. Simple as that !

Used to be I worried about people stealing my hard work for free, but since I started filing for copyrights, I can make alot more money going to court than I can bustin' my ass shootin' bird pictures!

But, how am I going to find out who stole the picture? Can't tell you that and be giving away trade secrets. Just do it ! Oh, yeah and have a spare C Drive ready to install; I forgot to tellya ! And.........................................

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