Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bird Photo: Will Somebody, Please Title Me?

It's been one of those "I don't feel like writing" weeks for me.

So, today I'm gonna listen to my body.

There's a frickin' typhoon blowing outside.

I haven't gotten my sunshine quota.

The power could go off any minute now.

I'm posting something quick so I can go outside and watch people with their umbrellas turned inside out get blown down the street.

HINT: The Bird is a Blue Rock Thrush formerly known as Ahaaa...Choo !

So, if you could help me and come up with a title for this photo, I'll give it to you. I'm outa here!

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Keith T. Graff said...

I kinda get a Robert DiNiro "You Lookin at Me?!" feeling from this picture.

Mike said...

My team of solar panelists will take that in to consideration; soon as the sun come out !

Turkey Baz said...

Looks like Sam The Eagle to us:

Mike said...

Turkey Baz,
One of these days I'll have to post a 5-10 shot photo essay on this character. Pretty interesting series I shot of him sprucing-up for a date!

Gene said...

Blue Ahaaa-choo on stone preening!

Mike said...

What if he has a big yellow "S" hiding under those wings?

Gene said...

We'd all be in trouble and it would ruin DC Comic forever LOL

Elle said...

Your bird doesn't look too healthy Mike .. a beautiful bird .. but it looks sick ૅ.ે "Blue Bird in the Wind" ≧ω≦ Elle Pedersen

Mike said...

Oh, he's sick alright, lovesick. Standby for the rest of the story!

LadyE said...

He looks a little stern. I don't think he's very happy to have your camera in his face.

Mike said...

Oh no! I'd never stick a camera in a bird's face. I was actually on the wrong side of a safety fence, designed to keep tourists from falling off the cliffs.
That photo was taken with my Pentax at 250mm.