Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photographer’s Interview and an Excerpt on How I Nailed the Queen

It happens around this time of the year, a big Parade and Ceremonies to reenact the crowning of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s King and Queen and I bust my fanny trying to shoot the Queen.

PHOTO Taken Nov 1, 2009

Well, there you go. I nailed her but, not exactly like I wanted to. You know what I mean. It’s her eyes; they aren’t in the position I’d have preferred to catch them in. If she’d only have turned her head a bit more to the right. I would have nailed her perfectly. What did you think I meant; nails and a hammer?

Interview: Matador Travel’s Lola Akinmade interviewed me  for an article HERE via email with the following:


1. How long have you been a professional photographer?

2. What – or who – got your initial interest going in terms of photography?

3. What were your first photographic experiments or experiences?

4. How would you describe the work you do now…wildlife/nature photography? Are you involved in the commercial world also? Any stock photography?

5. What 3 tips would you share for amateur photographers who are interested in pursuing your style of photography?

6. What got you interested in wildlife photography?

7. Which other photographers - old or contemporary - inspire you most?

8. When you are approaching subjects to shoot, how do you set about it? Do you chat and explain what you’re doing? Or shoot first, ask questions later?

9. What’s the craziest or most inspiring encounter you’ve had in general?

10. What kit do you use / carry with you / can’t do without (camera make, lenses, flashguns etc.)?

11. Finally, what else are you working on right now and what are your ambitions for the future in terms of your photography work?

Well, the queen’s photo from last year, gearing up for the Coronation Ceremony and trying to figure out a way to nail the Queen a little better this year, all reminded me of question #9 and I’m pasting my response to that part of the interview here:

Lola is one of my favorite photographers in the whole world.  If you get a chance visit her WEBSITE  and say “Hi”. One day, maybe we'll get her to come over here for a real Professional Photographer’s Interview !


Lola A. Åkerström said...

Hey Mike!

Thanks for the shout-out and for being your fantastic self! You've got my email so if you'd love an interview, I'd be honored.


RyukyuMike said...

Five beers to the wind and a big photo shoot tomorrow but, I'll remember this comment. guaranteed !