Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guinness World Record Tug-O-War

Here's where I spent the day. Every year, the City of Naha Okinawa, Japan holds this Festival and the highlight of it is the Guinness World Record Tug-O-War.

Well, I did my Spiderman act today and climbed way up to the top of a building so I could snag some good shots from an angle I never tried before.

It was a five story building and from the fifth floor I didn't like the angle of my shots and some of the distracting wires that kept getting in my frames.

So, I hopped a locked fence and climbed up to an uninhabited sixth floor.

Then, I still couldn't get the shots I wanted so, I figured a way to get up even higher. I climbed up on this water tower on top of the roof and wrapped myself and my tripod around some metal beams so the wind wouldn't blow us away.

Then, I shot some pictures with zoom, some wide angle, some horizontal and others vertical.
As soon as I can get the whole pile of 275 photos developed and verify that the Guinness World Record for Tug-O-Wars was won by Okinawa again, this year I'll give you the whole story.


Rose Witmer said...

That's why you're so good at what you do. You do what needs to be done to get the shot you want.

It was great seeing you again, although I'm not sure if you saw me!


Muza-chan said...

I am quite a bold photographer myself, but I wouldn't dare climbing a water tower! :)

Cool story and the photo looks great! I can't wait for the other photos!

RyukyuMike said...

Yup, great seeing you again, too. I was busy trying to get some close-ups and getting bumped around by the crowd.
Then, got kicked off the premises trying to get a piece of the rope to take home. It's supposed to be good luck.

I'll be awhile developing shots and reasearching the story but, you'll be one of the first to know when it hits print.