Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guinness World Record Tug-O-War

Here's where I spent the day. Every year, the City of Naha Okinawa, Japan holds this Festival and the highlight of it is the Guinness World Record Tug-O-War.

Well, I did my Spiderman act today and climbed way up to the top of a building so I could snag some good shots from an angle I never tried before.

It was a five story building and from the fifth floor I didn't like the angle of my shots and some of the distracting wires that kept getting in my frames.

So, I hopped a locked fence and climbed up to an uninhabited sixth floor.

Then, I still couldn't get the shots I wanted so, I figured a way to get up even higher. I climbed up on this water tower on top of the roof and wrapped myself and my tripod around some metal beams so the wind wouldn't blow us away.

Then, I shot some pictures with zoom, some wide angle, some horizontal and others vertical.
As soon as I can get the whole pile of 275 photos developed and verify that the Guinness World Record for Tug-O-Wars was won by Okinawa again, this year I'll give you the whole story.

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