Monday, October 11, 2010

Wilflife Photo: Chinese Bulbul, A Bird Found in Okinawa


Being about 80% hearing disabled, I have to love these characters. Some folks complain about how noisy they are but, I enjoy hearing flocks of them singing their little hearts out. They're found in many locations throughout Asia.

Also known as the Light-vented Bulbul, people in Hong Kong call them White-headed Old Men. Well, I think White-headed Old Women would be more appropriate if you want to nickname a noisy bird.

Like this morning, the wife is trying to remind me to take out the trash.  I thought she said "Don't forget the cash".  So, I ask her what I need cash for.  Well, then she yells, "NOT CASH-TRASH, IT'S TRASH COLLECTION DAY TODAY. I SAID, DON'T FORGET THE TRASH !"

It was so loud all the White-headed Old Men in my garden flew away. Last time I saw them, I think they were headed for KOREA where they can get some peace and quiet !


Unknown said...

You think they'll get any peace and quiet on the ROK???? (falling off my chair laughing)

RyukyuMike said...

LadyE, Glad I brought a smile to your face. See, I'm too cheap to buy an SEO Keyword program so, I use reverse technology. When I Googled the bird to steal somebody else's SEO ideas I saw that back in OCT 2002 the first Chinese Bulbul was spotted in Korea. So, I figured I'd throw-in a link to you. Now, I'm wondering how many more of those poor birds flew up your way to escape noisy White-headed Old Women! Ever see any? Cheers, Mike