Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pineapple Plants In Their Hair: Pineapple Hats?

These Gals are doing a formal dance. They are all decked out in pretty red kimonos. They have silver and gold fans and wave them while dancing. Every movement they make is with precision.

So, why are they wearing Pineapple Hats on their heads while doing such a formal dance?

This is where the internet just kills me. I'm in a non-writing mode (in case you haven't already noticed) this week. So, I figure I'll throw a photo on the blog quick, Google and find out something about Pineapple hats, real quick and get outa here. I have a typhoon stirring things up and want to get home quick and tie a few things down. Well, there's just too much information on the internet.

I swear, I'm not making this up. Google Pineapple Hats, yourself, if you don't believe me!

There's Pineapple Truckers Hats, Pineapple Hat Crochet Pattern-Clear Urine Substitution Kits,
Exotic pineapple baby hats that will delight any mum, Natural Fibers Handmade Pineapple Hats, Pineapple Fruit Hats, Pineapple Army Hats, "White" Pink Pineapple Hat, a guy named Tommy Bahama with Stingy Brim Printed Pineapple Hats and even a gal named Juliet who knits Pineapple Hats so well they make you hungry. I gave up after 4 pages of Googlin and gigglin.

It'd probably be quicker for me to chase one of these gals down in the photo and just ask them, "Why were you wearing a Pineapple Hat or plant or tree on your head with a red kimono?" Huh?


Ryan said...

I've been wearing a pineapple on my head for years. They're cheap, comfy and when you're hungry they make a great snack.

RyukyuMike said...

This gets even better. Now, I'm hearing the Gals weren't wearing pineapples on their heads. It's pine trees!
What'll they think of next? Racoons?